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Vietnamese television network collection: RFA, BBC, Viet Face TV, Pho Bolsa, Nguoi Viet Online, O2TV, SBTN, BYN Houston, Van TV.

Vietnam Dollar v.s. Your Dollar: 21075 VND ($1 United States Dollar, USD), 20297.2109 VND ($1 Canadian Dollar, CAD), 28298.5426 VND ($1 Euro, EUR), 19148.42 VND ($1 Australian Dollar, AUD), 216.665 VND ($1 Japanese Yen, JPY), 33044.569 VND ($1 British Pound, GBP), 2717.8556 VND ($1 Hong Kong Dollar, HKD), 332.7019 VND ($1 Indian Rupee, INR), 481.2743 VND ($1 Philippine Peso, (PHP), 2076.7844 VND ($1 South African Rand, ZAR), 1620.9668 VND ($1 Mexican Peso, MXN), 3441.0972 VND ($1 Chinese Yuan, CNY), 21075 VND ($1 Cuban Peso, CUP), 18.8737 VND ($1 South Korean Won, KRW), 23.4167 VND ($1 North Korean Won, KPW), 16823.1103 VND ($1 New Zealand Dollar, NZD). Source: Yahoo Finance/Currency August 20, 2013 at noon.

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Viet Weekly is a newspaper in Garden Grove, California, U.S.A. and delivers interviews, events, stories, and documentaries about Vietnamese people and Vietnam. Viet Weekly and Pho Bolsa TV channels’ purposes are kind the same.

We're trying our best bringing news around the world (US, Canada, England, France, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, ...) to all of you no matter where you're living as long you can access into the internet.
How many Vietnamese living in U.S.? see the bottom of the site.
Do you know how many Vietnamese including mixed people around the world? The answer is at the bottom of the site.
Do you know how much you can get when exchanging your dollar to Vietnam dollar (dong)? Some of you might become a richer or a millionaire. :-) How?
Look at the paragraph of "Vietnam Dollar v.s. Your Dollar", you'll see how, but anyway, here how we mean that. For instance, $1 USD = $21,075 VND; $1,000 USD = 21,075,000 VND, now you've 21 million dollars and you're a millionaire; $100,000 USD = $2,107,500,000, s.e..e... now you're a billionaire (2+ billions). :) :) :) Is it nice?
According to the U.S. Census Bureau News on March 27, 2013, there is an estimation of 1.9 million Vietnamese living in the United States. Many sources estimate that there is 5+ million Vietnamese around the world other than Vietnam. People (immigrants) who are living in western countries like US, Canada, France, England,... are 4+ million; people who are living eastern countries excluding Vietnam are 1+ million; and 80+ million people who are living in Vietnam. There is one more record which many people forget; that is 1+ million Vietnamese died for the word "freedom" largely died at the sea.

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